Zadeva Investment cc trading as Zadeva Fishery Products is a Namibian fish processing company that produces affordable and high value added fishery products. Young and female driven, Zadeva operates from Windhoek distributing nutritional to both local and regional market.

Historically, Africans predominantly suffer from hunger and ill health contracting many related diseases. However, the escalating changed in lifestyle has trigger many people to become health conscious increasing the fish and alternative protein consumption.

Therefore, our establishment is designed to contribute to continental food security by tackling malnutrition and improving health status. Considering that Namibia is blessed fish resources, our business is modelled on aggregating, distribution and processing fish and shellfish products.

Currently, we produce a chain of canned, dried, frozen and smoked fish and shellfish products and experimenting new flavours. Our desire is to design new innovative products inspired by our identity and culture as Africans.

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