There’s a little gem tucked away deep in Havana in Windhoek. A small eatery that stands out with a bright yellow exterior and serves an assortment of traditional Oshiwambo food.

Sai’s Kitchen might be small and quaint but it packs quite the punch. When you enter the one-room diner, it is exactly what the name says it will be. A cosy setup, very much like your everyday kitchen back home. The walls are adorned with beautiful pictures and motivational posters, further reinforcing the homey feeling and beckoning you to sit down and get comfortable.

The great thing about Sai’s Kitchen is that it really is just like home. You can customise portion sizes whichever way you want, mix and match food items to your desire and go back for seconds or thirds even.
The team behind the scenes is also extremely friendly and welcoming, very much in keeping with the feeling of popping home for a quick bite. With a good selection of ciders, beers, wine, juice or water, you can extend your stay and unwind a bit.
If you don’t feel like driving all the way out to Havana like I did, you can have that same dining experience in the comfort of your own home as they deliver straight to your doorstep between 12h00 and 13h00, if you order in the morning.

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