Mining & Farming

Kapuka’s Family Farming soon to be EGAP cc (Earth Greens Agri Projects cc) is situated at Eenawa Village near Etunda in the Omusati Region.

The business owns a 20 hectare on which they are only using 2.5 due to the expansion cost and lack of funds to purchase farming equipments for mass production.
The farm consists of three permanent employees and it occasionally employs casual workers to assist when the burden increases.
So far, it has produced high quality products that shelved in some OK Stores and some Spar shops across the country as well as the Oshikango local markets.

Some of the produces includes: Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes, Cabbages, Green Pepper, Pumpkins, Water Mellon, Maize Mealies, Butternuts, Spinach and due to the high demand, they will soon start growing Onions.




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