Eros Girls School is a Special School for senior learners (14 years and older) who are in need of specialized education and who have often not performed very well in an academic (main steam) school. The aim of this school is to provide learners with a quality education in Skills training and Vocational Education, to enable them to occupy their rightful place in the corporate world. The relatively small number of learners in a class group enables each learner to receive maximum individual attention. The capacity of the school is 300. The hostel accommodates 120 girls and 4 supervisors but is currently closed for renovations

  • Eros Girls School embraces the Education Policy on Inclusive Education
  • Programmes offered at the school are design in such a practical nature that it assist the learner to become economically self-sustainable.
  • Learners that attend the school do not cope with general education, therefore the field of study offered at the school gives these girls the opportunity to become productive citizens


Mission Statement

The Mission of Eros Girls’ Special School is to provide quality education for learners with learning difficulties offering them opportunities to become productive members of society.


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